Commission your own artwork


Why commission a painting?

An art commission is a portal to jump back to your memorable spot. Art that speaks directly to you and that you will speak to others about.

A commission allows you to set the brief and receive an artwork that’s the perfect size, colour and mood. A collaboration that’s as unique as you are.

What to expect

1. Your Chosen Spot

Think about your chosen landscape. It could be from a happy holiday memory, or your regular walking spot. Gather some photographs and let’s start from here.

2. Gathering more information

I will send you some questions to define the scope and expectations for your artwork. Guidelines that help me stay on track when painting.

3. Painting

I’ll make a start, first with some sketches and then palette swatches. I’ll update you with my progress throughout. Typically, a commission will take 4-8 weeks from start to finish.

4. Completion & Delivery

Towards completion we’ll firm up framing options and then I’ll finish/frame your artwork ready for delivery. Ta-da!

Get in touch to discuss your commission.

"We absolutely love it! We have never had a piece of art make us that emotional. Thank you so much.”

Louise F